About Ian & Nui…

The Hunting Review TeamI starting hunting on my own by running a trap line when I was 12, before and after school, as well as hunting deer at the weekends…
I started my working life in the early 80s as a plumber.
Hunting was then limited to the weekends and after work, to put meat on the table…
Until I decided to go full time Trapping for a few years, I loved the freedom of living in the bush, but it’s not the best “career choice” for reliable income, so back to what I know – working in the building industry – building sheds.
I have worked in most building trades – Plumber, Roofer, Builder, Painter… currently I combine all those skills renovating houses as an investor and house flipper.
So over time, I’ve gone full circle, as I’ve re-sharpened my skinning knife, bought a new rifle… and back out hunting, gives the dog a run and stops my [tired old] legs from seizing up. lol
At the weekends Nui and I spend most of our time in the bush hunting deer or pigs – Hands-On Testing, the best gear we can find from hunting rifles and ammo or hunting knives through to backpacks and camping equipment or survival gear.
Not all of the equipment we review passes the grade, but even cheaper hunting gear has a use in the right conditions.
Nui is a 10-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) he’s a big strong boy with a good nose on him, a hard worker but like many GSP he is a little too keen some times and needs calming down… even in the photo you can see his attention is somewhere else… constantly testing the wind.
I got him mainly for deer hunting, but he is one of the family now and a good watchdog…

Accurate No B.S. Reviews
Our aim with HuntingReview.net is to give you accurate buying tips along with an honest product assessment based on my 40+ years of trapping and hunting in the backblocks of New Zealand.
I’m not so much the technical geek… I like to use the equipment and give an opinion, not just recite, B.S. from the propaganda sheet, you could find on the manufacturers’ website.
Good Value Is Subjective
Each review will highlight professional-grade gear from the not so great equipment, that is best suited to recreational use only.
Allowing you to decide whether the product you are researching is Good Value, and Fit For Purpose, or not.

Happy Hunting…

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