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Dexter Russell Knives

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…Dexter Boning Knife High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade, Sani-Safe Textured Handle.
…Dexter Russell Boning And Fillet Knives Review – Made In The U.S.A, (est. 200 Years)

Dexter Russell Boning Knives

Sani-Safe Series
American Knife Steel, (DEXSTEEL™)
Semi-Flexible Blade
(NSF) approved

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Dexter Russell Boning Knife – 6″ Sani-Safe Series

Dexter Boning Knife Features:

  • USA Made, since 1818.
  • High-carbon Stainless Steel Blade, a sharp point on a narrow blade that holds its edge.
  • A strong thin sharp curved blade is just what you want for deboning larger meat animals or filleting and skinning fish.
  • Sani-safe handle textured non-slip Polypropylene Handle that is easy to clean and copes with a range of temperatures both hot or cold.


Dexter Boning Knife

Dexter Russell Boning Knife
Boning Knife In Action

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Handle Material – Polypropylene
Blade Material – DEXSTEEL™ – High-Carbon, American Stainless Steel
Best For … Butchers, Chef, Cooks, Hunters, General Kitchen Work, (meat or vegetables)
Dimensions – 11.8 long x 3.6 width x 1.3 high in inches
Weight – 4.8 ounces
NSF Certified.

Dexter Knives

Dexter-Russell, Inc.
44 River Street
MA 01550

Dexter-Russell® employs 200 highly skilled craftspeople in Southbridge, Massachusetts, making quality kitchen products for the last two centuries – since 1818! – like the ever-popular Sani-Safe, 6″ boning knives.

American Knife Steel

Dexter Knives partners with an American Steel Mill to process their own proprietary steel (DEXSTEEL™) allowing total control over blade quality and heat-treatment, this absolute control over the knife steel, positively affects the manufacturing of all their knife products.
Dexter-Russell has an enviable long-strong, knife-making history in the U.S – manufacturing cutlery of all types, the company dates back two centuries (est,1818)

Made In The U.S.A

Proudly 90% of their knives are still American made in New England, to be distributed throughout the United States and Worldwide, employing Americans supplying quality Cutlery and Knives to Professional Butchers, Chefs, Farmers, Hunters, and Home Cooks, such as yourself.

Dexter Russell is currently the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States.

Which Dexter Knives Are Best?

As a hunter, I especially love using reliable, low-cost, but hard-wearing knives…
These Dexter Skinning Knives along with a stiff blade 6″ Boning Knife, deliver all these attributes along with excellent value – you don’t have to compromise on quality – it costs less than $50.00 to buy both of these Dexter Knives – That is a bargain knife set!

Hunting Knives

When I’m hunting a balanced sharp skinning knife and a good boning knife is all I need for processing deer in the field… Nothing fancy to look at, but this is a simple reliable combination, that just works, the Dexter knives are easy to sharpen, easy to clean, with a bonus, both of these Hunting Knives last for years, thanks to the quality of build, bulletproof polypropylene handles and easy-care American knife steel.

 Dexter Boning/Fillet Knives

Dexter-Russell Boning Knives


American Steel
Excellent Quality
Low Price for a USA Made Knife
Large Knife Range


No Sheath Supplied

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Best Knives For…

  • Boning game animals, poultry, and filleting or skinning fish.
  • Home or Professional Kitchen work – boning meat, trimming meat, preparing vegetables.
  • Hunting and Fishing or Camping Knives

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