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Outdoor Edge Razor Pro…

This Review Covers:
...Outdoor Edge Razor Pro – Folding Skinning Knife.
RazorPro – Supplied With Deer Gutting Blade & 6 Scalpel Sharp Replaceable Skinning Blades.

I Love Sharp Knives!

Do You Hate Blunt Knives…
Like I Do? Outdoor Edge Razor Pro could be just what you need?
Replacement Blades are Cheap, Strong, and Scary Sharp.
Best of all the RazorPro Blades are quick and easy to replace – a couple of clicks is all it takes.

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro

3.5in Knife Blade
3.1in Gutting Blade
Weight, 8.3 oz
Nylon Sheath
Lifetime Warranty
420J2 Stainless Blade Holder

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Best Knife For…

If you are looking for a super sharp, compact folding knife for deer hunting? then the Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is a top contender, its drop point blades are surgical-sharp, these disposable blades come honed to an edge I could only dream of achieving on my Swingblade using a strop or whetstone.
Strong Blades:
At first glance the 0.6mm blades may seem a bit thin and flimsy – the true strength of the OutdoorEdge system comes from the blade holder, once you click the blades into place the knife feels as solid as any folding skinning knife, with the unique advantage of replaceable blades.
Disposable Blades:
Spare Blades are heat-treated Japanese 420J2 stainless, hand-finished and individually wrapped, they can be stored in their own compartment inside the supplied nylon sheath, swapping out dull blades couldn’t be easier – no tools required just 2 clicks and your blunt blade is replaced and your back to work…
Folding Knife:
In my opinion, Outdoor Edge Knives has produced one of the best double-bladed folding knives for deer hunters, its Gutting Blade and Disposable Skinning Blades are all you need for skinning or boning most large game animals in the field.
Outdoor Edge Knives:
I have used Outdoor Edge Knives for years, mainly Swingblades before disposable blades were a viable option – over the years I’ve become a bit of a fan-boy for the Swingblade, but it may lose out to this Razor Skinning Knife after I’ve processed a few more deer with it I expect, Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is the ideal skinning and gutting knife for the money – if you don’t want to sharpen your knives anymore?

RazorPro, Build Quality

Outdoor Edge RazorPro Blades

Outdoor Edge Cutlery stands behind all its products 100% – with a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser.
Company Location:
Outdoor Edge

5000 Osage Street, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80221.
The headquarters of Outdoor Edge Cutlery is located in Denver Colorado, where they design and field test each product.
Though their products are not made in the USA, they do have their own manufacturers located in China, Japan and Taiwan.
They must be a bit sensitive about out-sourcing their manufacturing, judging by the fact, I had to put my glasses on to read “China” in tiny letters, on my Swingblade, an amazing reliable deer skinning knife that I’ve used constantly for more than ten years.
Where a knife is made? I don’t mind too much, as long as it’s built to last, holds a good edge, comfortable and quick to use…
Similar to my Swingblade, the Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is built tough to do the job flawlessly, but the blade sharpness from replaceable blades – takes it to another level – compared to the finished edge I can get using a long-trusted sharpening stone and strop…
Built Tough:
After lots of use, I wouldn’t give up my Swingblade for anything, while the AUS-8 stainless blades are a bit tarnished from blood, they hold an edge and both blades still rotate smoothly – just like new, it’s my long-term favourite skinning knife.
But I will carry the RazorPro as a backup knife…
Knife Steel:
Outdoor Edge Knives use a combination of stainless steel, including, AUS-8, 8Cr13MoV, 420J2 and 440A I’m especially happy with the edge I get on my AUS-8 Swingblade, but for the RazorPro the level of sharpness Outdoor Edge Replaceable Blades provide is close to a surgical level – they are scary sharp.
Nice To Use:
I especially like the rubber-coated knife handle on the RazorPro, the first time you pick them up they just feel great in hand, unlike some knives I have owned, Outdoor Edge Knives are a good fit for large hands, with a nice secure feel, even when the knife is wet with blood or rain, all thanks to the non-slip rubber coating.
Hunting Or EDC Knives?
Check Out The Full Range Of Replaceable Blade Skinning Knives available at – Outdoor Edge Knives including a couple of my current favourites in folding knives… Twin Blade RazorPro Combo or for a very handy, forever-sharp, EDC Knife have a quick look at the Single Blade RazorLite.

TPR Handle

Swingblade Skinning Knife and Gut Hook
Super Comfortable – Outdoor Edge Rubberized Handle

I really do love the feel of these rubberized handles they just feel secure in all conditions – covered in blood or soaking wet they feel nice in hand.
Outdoor Edge Razor Pro’s major selling point for many people is its convenience and ease of use thanks in part, to the 2 clicks and the blade is replaced, no tools, no mess, very safe…

This is great of course, but an important often overlooked factor when buying hunting knives is the handle, You can’t buy better for this price than these amazing rubberized handles on Outdoor Edge Knives, as soon as I picked one up I was sold… comfortable, non-slip rubberized handle, with the extra strength of 420J2 stainless steel liners the handles are available in the usual black, or easy to find blaze-orange. [TPR is a Thermoplastic Rubber]

Outdoor Edge Replacement Blades

Japanese 420J2 Stainless
3.5″ Fits RazorPro/RazorLite
Individually Wrapped
Drop Point
Surgical Sharp

Blade Holder

Made from Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel, coated with an attractive black oxide, the blade holder is key to the ease of use and strength of this knife, the button on the stainless holder allows for toolless, quick blade changes, as well, it supports the thin skinning blade when in use, providing strength similar to that of a standard knife. 

RazorPro, Gutting Blade

RazorPro Blade Holder

Outdoor Edge gutting blades are unique and ingenious in their simplicity [the main reason I’m using them!] made from 7Cr17 Stainless Steel, the RazorPro gutting blades are designed to cut from under the skin without cutting through hair when opening up an animal before you skin it, as well the bulb on the end and slight curve of the gutting blade helps to avoid slicing through the gut lining – the dread of all deer hunters.
Either blade opens and closes independently as well as locks securely in place.

RazorPro – Folding Knife


Scary Sharp
Outdoor Edge Blades Are Cheap
Ease Of Use
Non-Slip Handle
Excellent Build Quality
Small, But Effective


Blades Can Stick
Regular Cleaning Required

How To Clean

The Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is easy to clean simply soak it in warm soapy water – remove the blade first!
You do need to clean the knife after use, stainless can rust and blood is very corrosive – remove the skinning blade to clean inside the holder, remove fat, blood or trapped hair… otherwise, the blade or occasionally the release button has been known to stick solid – no doubt at the most inconvenient moment…
Light agitation in warm soapy water is all it takes to maintain the knife, dry well, if you plan to store the knife for a long period of time remove the razor skinning blade and lightly oil the moving parts like the release buttons…

3 Alternatives…

Outdoor Edge RazorLite

Compact & Lightweight.
Check The Price

RazorPro and Bone Saw

Very Versatile
Check The Price

Havalon Talon Hunt

Popular Alternative
Check The Price


If you want a sharp, compact folding knife for deer hunting? the Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is the best skinning knife for the money, replaceable drop point blades are surgical-sharp, extra blades come in packs of 6 at a very cheap price, the freedom of not needing to sharpen your knife ever again could be the Razor Pro’s best selling point for some people but for me. I love the gutting blade and the handle – I see it, as an excellent well-thought-out skinning knife… and the ideal backup knife for deer hunting in remote areas!

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Best Replaceable Blade Hunting Knife?

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro is Strong, Sharp, Competitive in Price, it is easy to replace blades without tools, this is why it is the best replaceable blade knife for the money

What Steel Is Used In The Outdoor Edge Razor Pro?

The Replaceable Drop Point Skinning Blades Use Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel, The Gutting Blade Uses 7Cr17 Stainless Steel

Where Are Outdoor Edge Knives Made?

Outdoor Edge Cutlery is located in Denver, Colorado, where they design and field test each product, Outdoor Edge Cutlery has its own manufacturers located in China, Japan and Taiwan. all Outdoor Edge products have a Lifetime Warranty – Knives are made with a variety of stainless steel including AUS-8, 8Cr13MoV, 420J2 or 440A,

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