Victorinox Boning Knife Review

Victorinox Boning Knife Review

This Review Covers:
…Victorinox Swiss Army Boning Knives – Fibrox or Rosewood Handle
…Victorinox Boning Knife – 5 Useful Blade Types, Stamped From High Carbon Stainless Steel

Victorinox Boning Knives

6″ Stainless Blade
Fibrox Pro Handle
1.6 ounces
5 Blade Types
Lifetime warranty
made in Switzerland

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Victorinox 6 Inch Curved Boning Knife

Boning Knife Features

  • 5 Boning Knife Blade Types: straight flexible blade, straight semi-flexible blade, straight stiff blade, curved flexible blade, curved semi-stiff blade,
  • low overall weight, sharp blades, professional quality knives,
  • NSF approved – safe and legal to use in commercial kitchens
  • high carbon stainless steel – quick and easy to clean
  • ease of honing or sharpening the softer stamped blade,
  • solid feel in hand, though light and fast to use,
  • non-slip ergonomic Fibrox Handle,
  • excellent balance.

    All these amazing features, coupled with a long tradition of Swiss-made quality and reliability – over the years, professionals and home cooks have come to expect the best from all Victorinox Knives.


Fibrox Boning Knife

Meat And Victorinox Boning Knife

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Handle Material Rose Wood or Fibrox (TPE)
Blade Material Stamped, HC Stainless Steel.
Who? Butcher, Chef, Home Cook, Hunting…
Dimensions – 6″ or 150cm Blade,
Weight – 1.6 ounces
Dishwasher Safe – Yes, but not recommended

Victorinox Swiss Army Boning Knives

Victorinox is a well known, respected knife brand used by Professional Butchers around the world… producing superior quality boning knives at amazingly low prices since 1884.
Whether you’re a Chef in a busy restaurant? a deer hunter camping in the wilderness? or the family cook creating a gourmet masterpiece in your home kitchen? You need a boning knife, it may as well be the best value knife available…

Perfect Knife Design

Victorinox Fibrox blades are stamped from easy-care, high carbon stainless steel, this production process ensures the Fibrox Range of knives are lighter, thinner, and easier to maintain an edge or resharpen – more so than the harder steel, used in Victorinox forged knives, forged knives stay sharp longer due to the harder steel, but take more effort to initially sharpen or resharpen once blunt or dull.

6″ Curved Blade

For most knife users looking for the best deal, you can’t go past a Victorinox Boning Knife with the Non-Slip Fibrox Handle with a sharp slim, either curved or straight  6″ blade.

Many Chefs, Butchers, and Hunters appreciate the wide blade selection, low cost and simplicity of this knife design…

Excellent value

If you are in a situation where you can only carry or own one knife? A Victorinox Boning Knife would be the perfect fit for you, especially if you have a wide range of uses for a single knife… they perform most butchering tasks effortlessly, but their versatility in processing meat, is only one reason a Victorinox Boning Knife has become the “knife of choice” for thousands of diverse, but satisfied, Victorinox Knife owners.

Used By Experts

Though Victorinox knives are the choice of Professional Chefs… You don’t have to be a professional to own one, but you can expect to get professional results when you do…
You will not be disappointed with any style of boning knife from Victorinox.
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Victorinox Fibrox Boning Knives

Victorinox Boning Knife


Respected Established Brand
Excellent Quality & Price
Sharp Out Of The Box
Choice Of 5 Blade Types
(NSF) approved


No Sheath Supplied

Best Knife For…

If you are looking for a versatile knife for your kitchen that specializes in deboning meat but is useful for so much more…

  • Boning Chicken
  • Filleting Fish
  • Deboning/Skinning Game Animals
  • General Kitchen Knife
  • Butchering Large Cuts Of Meat

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