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Free StrikePen Black with Led Light, Precision Milled, Strong Alloy Body, Discrete Self-Defense Pens… “StrikePen Black Review”
Best Tactical Pen Multi-Tool, Including A Flashlight And Writing Pen With Ink Refill…

Video – How To Use Your Tactical Pen

What Your Tactical Pen Can Do For You
Your Tactical Pen EDC needs to be small and light to fit comfortably and discreetly in your pocket.
It needs to be tough and durable to last a lifetime of abuse.
It can be used as a weapon, an emergency glass breaker, it even writes smoothly, despite the fact it has a rugged industrial look… it feels great in hand.

What Is A Tactical Pen?
Think of it as a tough durable multitool as well as a regular pen, with hidden self-defence uses.
The new StrikePen Black™ Edition does all of this for free… with the addition of a bright LED flashlight and interchangeable multi-tool! 
It is a popular product that has proven itself time and time again

Strike Pen Doubles As A Multi-Tool

Strikepen Selfdefence Pen
Free Strikepen For A Limited Time

Precision Milled Alloy Body
Non-Slip Grip Pattern
Tungston Steel Striker
Bright LED Light

Why You Should Carry A StrikePen

Tactical pens due to their discrete looks and size are the ideal self-defence EDC weapon to carry when you are travelling to outside Countries or visiting States within the USA where concealed handguns are either unwelcome, illegal, or it is simply not convenient to apply for the permits necessary to carry a concealed weapon.
Who Needs A Tactical Pen?
Tactical pens have become very popular with a range of security-conscious people from all walks of life, as the pens can be hidden in plain sight and used for several practical purposes.
Multiple Uses
The multiple uses for a Strikepen ensure it flies under the radar of most people, as it just doesn’t appear to be a weapon to the casual observer.
Small, easy to carry, the best tactical pen, is a resourceful EDC multi-tool that you will always have with you.
Glass Breaker
You could use it as a glass breaker in a rescue situation, A Kubotan in a self-defence situation, or use it to write a letter to your Mom!
These “Self-Defense Pens” are versatile…

Tactical Pen Features

Free For Now! – But Limited Stock!

Strikepen, Multi Tool

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 [USA Residents Only] 
Limited Promotional Offer

Striking Weapon
Glass Breaker
LED Flashlight

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